“Nine years ago, we started our first adoption procedures and with the help of several people here in Quebec, in China and in the Philippines we now have the family we always dreamed of. We are so proud of the detours we took to have our children in our lives because we are convinced that each and every one was destined to be part of our family. We must believe in our destiny….”

Mireille, Guy, Rosalie, Jeanne, Frederic, Gabrielle and Alice”

“We thank Formons Une Famille who helped us to make our biggest dream come true, the dream of becoming a family. Rémy is our ray of sunshine, our treasure from the Philippines!”

Josée, Claude et Rémy xxx

“The long road to meeting our children may seem long and difficult, but what a marvelous way to learn and grow! Our son Deka has filled our hearts with joy as well as having led us to discover about love and bonding.”

Christian, Magalie, Anouchka, Louika and Zakary-Deka

“Thanks Formons une Famille for making our dream come true”

“Hien is our daughter’s name in vietnamese. It means softness and wisdom…three years ago, thanks to the support of Formons une Famille, we finally met her. Since then, each day we realize that we are living something that is magical, unique and marvelous.”

“The wind of happiness blows relentlessly in our hearts.

We are back from Cambodia with our two little treasures.

Adopting is walking a path less frequently used, but leading to the great joy of parenthood.”

“She brightens our every day, she is part of our lives forever…

We thank you for sharing our immense joy with the arrival of our little sunshine.”

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