The Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of 9 members, elected by the Société’s members and among its members. Each Board member is elected for a two year period. All of the Board members are volunteers with various work experiences, from various regions of Quebec and having various parental and professional experiences.

The common denominator of all our Board members: respect of the organisation’s values and principals.

The Board of Directors meets every 6 weeks (8 times a year). The Board establishes the priority actions and projects to be carried out.

The volunteers

The Société’s structure is based on volunteer work. In fact, 98% of our team consists of volunteers. Our strength lies in the implication of our volunteers who are located in every region of the province, thus facilitating the transmission of information to all our parents, sharing experiences with adoptive parents, as well as showing strength and leadership in all of Quebec’s regions.

Our volunteers organise information sessions, conferences on various themes, travel planning meetings as well as social activities for the adoptive parents. Their work is essential to the success of your adoption project.

Our volunteers are very implicated parents: their role is to inform, support and accompany the adoptive parents during the entire adoption process, to guide the parents and help them prepare their upcoming experience of becoming adoptive parents. Do not hesitate to share your story with them…

The personnel

Our team of volunteers can count on the support of personnel present to the head office in Longueuil.

The employees of the Société coordinate the team of volunteers and are responsible for the administrative tasks related to the adoption procedures. Furthermore, the head office is responsible for the liaison and communications with the countries we work with.

One of our goals is to keep the adoption costs to a minimum. Therefore, we are always looking for volunteers who are willing to join our team. Should you be interested in giving your time and support to our organisation and other adoptive parents, do not hesitate to contact us!