Fondation Formons une Famille was founded in August 1999 and is a non-profit, charitable organisation, recognised by the Federal Governement as such.

At the time of its creation, the five founding members had the same common goal which was to collect funds to be used to soothe poverty and sickness among orphaned children of the world. Since then, several other members have joined the foundation’s team of volunteers who make up their Board of Directors. The members, now ten, all have the same mission : to promote education in general, to soothe poverty and sickness, in particular among orphaned children of the world.

To this day, the foundation has financed several projects in many countries and continues to raise money mainly through it’s yearly fundraiser, an evening organised each year.

Here are some examples of the projects that have been financed over the years, to mention only a few : we have built an orphanage in Vietnam, we have cooperated in a project called “Club de petits déjeuners” in Haiti (where the community prepares food for students who come to school on an empty stomach), we continually support several orphanages in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam helping them buy milk, food and hire nannies to care for the children. In China, our foundation has financed a rehabilitation center for children with polio. Finally, we have participated in a three year project in collaboration with Half the Sky Foundation of Canada, for an early stimulation program for Chinese children.

Our most important projects, however, concern children with special needs: during the past eight years, our Foundation has assisted parents who have adopted children with chronic diseases or handicaps, allowing over 90 children to find a home in a loving family in Quebec. These children, otherwise destined to a bleak future, now have access to loving parents and siblings as well as health care an education.

All of the foundation members are volunteers who generously give their time, therefore the totality of sums collected during our fundraising activities can be used for the international aid projects we support.

For more information on our Foundation, you can visit their website at or write to :