Founded April 24th 1991, Formons Une Famille has helped thousands of people create families by bringing children into their lives. Attentiveness, availability and a deep love for children are Formons Une Famille’s guiding principles. An efficient organisation, that has built its reputation on integrity, Formons Une Famille takes great joy in helping to bring about that magical and decisive encounter between a child and his or her parents.

Formons une Famille is a non profit organisation, accredited by the Quebec government. Formons Une Famille follows the code of ethics adopted by the Secrétariat à l’adoption internationale (Quebec Adoption Bureau) and other adoption agencies. Our organisation also acts in respect with the Hague Convention which governs international adoption world wide.

Our mission, our vision

Formons une Famille is a volunteer organisation whose mission is :

  • As an international adoption agency recognised by the provincial government, to facilitate the adoption of abandoned children and therefore providing them with a family;
  • To relieve children of poverty and better the living conditions of children living in orphanages abroad;
  • In order to help the children and give them access to a better education, to facilitate international aid and assistance through financial, technical and professional assistance.

Roles and responsibilities

Our role is to accompany adoptive parents in their project to adopt children internationally, to respect the laws, rules and regulations of foreign countries as well as those of Canada and Quebec. Formons une Famille informs adoptive parents as precisely as possible, thus encouraging mutual co-operation, confidence and straightforwardness.


Société Formons une Famille offers a wide range of services for each country for which it is accredited:

  • Sponsoring adoptive parents and assistance in preparing the adoption application.
    Our organisation also offers personalised services to each adoptive family. Each family is matched to a resource person for the duration of the adoption project. This resource person is a volunteer who has adopted in the same country, he or she will be your guide, your counsellor as well as share his/her experience with you. This person is matched to you as soon as you register with our organisation and will guide you through the preparation of your adoption dossier, accompany you during the waiting period and follow up on the post adoption procedures to be completed.
  • Information sessions for adoptive parents
    In pre adoption services, we offer information sessions on adoption for the various countries. The contents of each session is detailed in the section “Information Sessions”.Moreover, during the waiting period, parents have access to conferences on general subjects of interest (the arrival of the child, the caring for your child, children’s health and what to expect, attachment issues, etc…) as well as more precise information on the country you have chosen (what to pack for your trip, usual itinerary of travel, the local culture, what to do / what not to do, etc…). These conferences are offered to all adoptive parents on invitation.
  • Choosing notary and translation services (if necessary)
    In order to minimize the cost of the adoption process and to ensure dossiers meet each country’s specific requirements, our organisation also offers professional services including the following: personalized coaching to prepare your adoption dossier, notarization services, translation services if applicable, travel planning, etc.
  • Transmitting your adoption file to the concerned authorities
    Our organisation makes sure that the adoption application of future parents is transmitted to the proper authorities of the country of origin of the child and according to their specific recommendations. Our organisation decides on the best means of transmitting the applications to ensure proper processing.
  • Travel planning
    Before each international departure, adoptive families are invited to meet our volunteers who will explain in detail the adoption and immigration procedures to be finalized in the country of origin, as well as receive detailed information on the planned itinerary of travel (when applicable, as some countries require more planning than others).
  • Guide services
    In the country of origin of the child, we also offer, in most countries, services of a guide who will accompany you through all of the procedures, whether you travel in a group or on an individual basis. Our guides inform you and help you through the necessary administrative procedures concerning the adoption as well as the procedures needed to obtain the child’s visa to enter Canada. These formalities vary from one country to another.
  • Post adoption services
    Among the post adoption activities, our organisation can refer adopters, if needed, to the specialised professional resources in their area (doctors, social workers, community services, psychologists). Furthermore, our resource persons and volunteers are always available to assist adoptive parents and coach them in their new parental roles.

Finally, our team of volunteers takes the time to organise social activities for adoptive parents and parents on our waiting lists. A yearly gathering allows families who have recently adopted to exchange with waiting families, as well as facilitate gatherings for families having travelled together in the past. For more details, please consult the section “Post adoption and events” of this website.