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Post adoption and events


The pre-adoption and post-adoption services are now available at the Centre d'intégration du Sud-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal (CIUSSS).



For pre-adoptionyou can contact:

Cristina Popescu: 514-896-3181


For post-adoption

Mrs. Sylvie Samson: 514-697-4111 ext. 1307


Ms. Julie Goyette-Bouchard: 514-896-3164.


You can also write to: adoption.internationale@ssss.gouv.qc.ca




APRIL 29, 2017 - Attachment and resilience decrypted for your extended family and friends¨



Dear futur or present adoptive families,

It is with great pleasure I invite you with the members of your extended family and your friends to join us at our annual conference on attachment and resilience.



¨Attachment and resilience decrypted for your extended family and friends¨


Is for? :

• Adoptive parents and their extended families: grandparents, brothers, sisters and any other significant people that will be implicated in your child’s life.


Why? :

• To guide friends and family members. When it comes to adoption, some may not be aware of certain particularities revolving around the arrival of your child.

• To help them understand the importance of their role in the life of the child, how to be implicated without compromising the child’s well being.

• To better understand the challenges associated with adoption.

• To find out how to facilitate your child’s integration into his or her new family.

• To give friends and family a chance to express their concerns and emotions regarding the child’s arrival into their lives.

• To be debriefed on attachment and resilience theories in adoption.

• To obtain answers to your and their questions or preoccupations.


When? :

English presentation Saturday, April 29th from 9h00 to 12h00

French presentation Saturday April 29th from 1h00 to 4h00




• Please register before Monday April 24th (by phone: 514-697-4111 ext 1307 or Email ssamson.odi@ssss.gouv.qc.ca)


Where? :

• CLSC Lac St-Louis, 180 avenue Cartier, Pointe-Claire



I look forward to seeing you soon. For any questions, do not hesitate to call me Sylvie Samson : 514-697-4111 #1307



Post-Adoption Activities

Each year, a team of volunteers supports the organization of events for the adopters of the recent years, as well as for the waiting families.


For example, over the years, our volunteers have organized annual reunions for families who have adopted a child through our Society. We offer more than one annual event due to the large number of families invited.


Thus, for families who have adopted a child from China, a comity organizes a few different gatherings each year (Chinese New Year, picnic, apple picking,...). To receive your invitation, make sure we have your email address asall our invitations are sent via email. Please refer to the Home page of this website for détails (under section "Attention please").


For families who have adopted a child from Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia or Burundi, the activity generally takes place at the Camping Grand R, in Trois-Rivières region. The camping can accommodate several families for one day only and can also accommodate families who wish to rent a campsite for the weekend. All invitations are sent by email. If you wish to receive the invitations, please contact us!



Stay in contact


The only way for us to reach our adoptive parents is by the email address registered in our database. If you move or change your email address and wish to continue receiving information and invitations on our behalf, please advise us of any changes so that we may keep our database up to date.



Return trip to the country of origin

Société Formons une Famille supports and assists families who wish to return to China for the first time with their adopted child(ren).


This "return trip" must be prepared by keeping in mind the interest of the child(ren) as it represents for him/her the first contact with their country of origin since the adoption.


This type of trip generally suits families whose children are now 8 years old or more.


For more information, please contact our Montreal office at  (514) 287-7290,

1 800 575-1465 or by e-mail at admin@formonsunefamille.com .


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