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Information Sessions


Montreal - Evenings info BURUNDI


The evenings are held at our office in Longueuil, on the South Shore of Montreal. To participate, you must confirm your attendance by contacting our Longueuil office at (514) 287-7290 (or send an email at info@formonsunefamille.com)






Information sessions can vary in form from region to region. Below you will find the schedule for each region, followed by a short description of the session's contents. 

Montreal - China Information Sessions

Information sessions take place at our Longueuil office


The next information session:


The next information session will be at the end of September. Please contact us for the date.


- Please call at 514-287-7290


To attend, please confirm your presence by calling us at (514) 287-7290 BEFORE attending an information session


Quebec - China Information Sessions

Also in French, these sessions normally take place in one of our volunteer’s homes. Please see the schedule below. You must therefore confirm your presence with by contacting us at (514) 287-7290 or 1 800 575-1465.



TO BE DETERMINED - do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment



English sessions are also available on appointment, at your convenience.

Montreal - Philippines Information Sessions


IMPORTANT : Information sessions are not scheduled for the moment, please refer to the "Philippines" page of this website.

Quebec - Philippines Information Sessions


IMPORTANT: Information sessions are not scheduled for the moment, please refer to the "Philippines" page of this website.

These information sessions may vary in format according to each region they are given. However, the contents of the sessions is standard, they are designed to give pre adoption information to parents who want to know more about the adoption procedures (for the moment, in China or in the Philippines). The contents of the information sessions includes the following :


Formons une Famille : its history, its values, services and structure (volunteers)
Adoption procedures : admissibility, role of the Youth Protection Services, preparing and processing an adoption application
The child : his/her living conditions, health, legal status
The country : its culture, its politics


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